The Team

Dark Solstice Games is the brainchild of long time friends Ben Buchanan and Grant Cooley. Having grown up playing ADD, Vampire, Pathfinder, TMNT, Champions, Marvel, DC, GURPS, Shadowrun and a host of other systems together, we set out to create a whole new world that combined the elements they loved from all of these games.

In 2015, Ben planted the first seeds of Enoch and over the past few years we have nurtured the idea and expanded the lore, races, setting and gameplay into a mighty creative oak.

In 2018 we brought on some of our favorite artists in gaming, comics and fine art and launched a successful Kickstarter to fund The World of Enoch Artbook.

This year, 2019, we brought on Game Developer and Project Maestro, Wes Cothran, to dial up our efficiency, quality and positive output.

Grant Cooley –